An Introduction to the Development of Valves

Valves are one of the most well-liked and widely1 utilized mechanical devices in industrial processes and routine lives. The water faucets and LPG stove knobs that we make use of in our daily lives are classic examples of valves. Furthermore, gas engines, compressors and pumps & vehicles are also referred to as valves.

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Getting to know about high pressure needle valves

1It is normal for people to look for high quality needle valves to fulfill specific needs. Generally, needle valves are used in flow metering applications, where a standardized and steady flow is needed. It has a long, tapered tip at the end of the stem that is utilized to block the flow by passing through the seat.

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Needle Valves- How Are They Different From Flow Control


Needle valves are fittings which are designed with a slender and tapered point at the end of its valve stem. This is the valve’s stem which is actually lowered right through the seat, to block or restrict the flow.

Needle valves are used to ensure that the fluid passes through the valve, and actually turns 90 degrees before it passes through an orifice which serves as the seat. This seat comes with a rod having a cone shaped tip. The valves are actually used to regulate the actual flow of liquids as well as gases, at rates which are set at a low flow.

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