A Quick Guide to Pipe Fittings at SEALEXCEL


Pipe fittings play an important role in and industrial applications. The purpose of a pipe fitting is to connect one or more than one pipes together for a proper functioning pipeline system. There are many pipe fittings but their main function is to either connect pipes or change the flow direction.

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Keeping Track Of Your Valve Maintenance Budget Is Important

Power generating plants today usually come to face two crucial challenges:Valve

  • Lessened maintenance budgets, and
  • Struggle of renewable energy.

It is unfortunate that the maintenance budgets allocated are tight, forcing managers to overlook problems that require immediate attention.

The growing popularity of renewable energy sources is compromising the requirement for conventional generation of power from fossils. Consequently, power plants are frequently functioning less than planned capacity.

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The Ultimate Route to Safe Sealing

Despite representing an insignificant cost of total safety systems installed, safe sealing devices are still considered as incredibly low cost and high consequence components. They play a crucial role in every operation and therefore warrant more attention than safe sealing devices typically receive. To get around, industrial managers and factory owners install low quality safe … Read more

Are Your Hydraulic Fittings Leaking? Avoid These

It’s hard to believe, but leakage can occur, even in the newly tightened hydraulic fitting that you installed for the very reason of leak prevention. Not only are hydraulic hose and fittings assemblies designed not to leak, but when they do, it’s often messy – and dangerous. Leaks from high-pressure hydraulic lines can create fall … Read more

Increase Safety Of Your Workers By Implementing Security Protocols And Procedures

Does this mean safety and health of workers is the very last thing manufacturers and company owners think about? Why aren’t there any security protocols and procedures in place within the workplace’s framework, even though its importance cannot be stressed more? How to Avoid Accidents Implementing (and further improving) workplace safety measures can possibly help … Read more