Helpful Ways of Finding the Best Stainless-Steel Pipe Fittings Suppliers

The stainless-steel fittings and pipes are integral to the operations in industrial settings. They can control and manipulate the flow of gases and fluids through the pipes. Most importantly, these components ensure the safety and enhanced productivity of your existing equipment. Hence, it is important to choose the right type of fittings depending on the … Read more

Push On Fittings: A Viable Choice for Pneumatic Industries

The rapid screw or push-on fittings have multiple applications in the pneumatic industries. They help in making the right connection between a water supply valve and soft tubing. They ensure a simple insertion of tubing into the fitting for making secure connections. These valves can be used manually without any special tools. They ensure a … Read more

Stainless steel alloys – characteristics and types

Stainless steel (SS) is an alloy of steel -itself an alloy of iron and carbon – with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. Carbon steel rusts readily when ss-pipe-fittings-suppliersexposed to air and moisture. In SS, however the chromium present undergoes passivation, forming an inert layer of chromium oxide on the surface. This layer prevents further corrosion of the underlying metal.

Hence SS alloys are used widely in precision pipe fittings. SS pipe fittings suppliers find a great deal of demand for their products across many industries. Let us have a look at SS and its properties:

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Single And Double Ferrule Fittings

Different industrial plants use stainless steel compression tube fittings for a range of applications. The double ferrulereason behind their wide usage is the high working pressure rating which is typically above 6000 psi. This introduces a high safety factor for the operation.

The pressure rating depends on wall thickness and construction, both of which are related to the size of tubing. A variety of different tube fitting sizes are used, depending on the application requirement. Hence, the pressure rating of a tube in a particular operation varies based on these factors.

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Why You Should Prefer to Use Sealexcel Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are generally used to connect tubes and pipes in various industrial piping systems. These pipe fittings should be adaptable to different shapes and sizes, so that they can serve a number of purposes, such as regulating fluid flow. Pipe fittings allow the piping lines to run under a structure, around a corner, or … Read more

Pipe Fittings: A Brief Overview

Before stainless steel arrived and stole the show, brass pipe fittings were largely being used in the industrial and commercial sector. The change in material preference came swiftly after viewing the amazing advantages of stainless steel for other applications! Today, not only pipe fittings, but flanges and instrumentation valves are made with stainless steel as … Read more