Compression Fittings – Are They A Fitting Solution For Your System?

Fitting Solution

Industrial systems use a wide range of valves and tube fittings. These components are carefully selected to ensure compatibility, performance and safety.

Whether you’re working with a pneumatic or a hydraulic system, you must be equipped to differentiate between different valves and fittings.

It can be hard to distinguish between threaded and compression fittings. It may be even more difficult to understand if the compression fittings will match your system.

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Product Spotlight: 37 Degree Flared Tube Fittings

As tube fittings manufacturers, we work to offer a number of configurations, well-suited for various industrial applications. Ourtube fittings manufacturers one of the most in-demand products includes 37 degree flared fittings.

Flared fittings are different and more popular than others. They are a type of compression fittings (used to join two tubes or pipes together), often used with metal tubing. They work well with soft steel, copper and aluminum.

When used in a system, the flare nut secures the tube’s tapered end to the tapered fitting. This produces a leak-tight, pressure-resistant seal. These connections are more reliable, thus used in critical applications and locations that aren’t easily accessible.

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4 Parameters To Consider While Selecting The Right Industrial Tubing

Various industries make use of compression and instrumentation tube fittings.Industrial Tubing

Most applications depend on the effective, leak-free performance of these tubings and fittings.

Performance and efficiency depends on accurate selection, handling and installation of each component, including tubing. This will ensure construction of a reliable system.

As tube fitting suppliers, we recommend choosing high quality tubing, made of strong and durable materials. When selecting tubing for your application, also consider its hardness, thickness of wall and surface coating.

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The Secret Behind SEALEXCEL’s Tube Fittings Long Lasting Quality

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Different types of industrial valves and its functions

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The basic need of a valve manufacturing company

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Get the perfect tube fittings that solve the industry needs

The tubes are designed for the need of the industry and there are innumerable tasks that are never completed without proper and durable fitting bodies.  Tube Fittings are extremely essential for the industries and due to this the manufacturers started offering the fittings manufactured using various materials. The fittings are to be checked before installing … Read more