Understanding Pneumatic Tube Fittings and Air Leakage

Understanding Pneumatic Tube Fittings and Air Leakage


Why Push To Connect?

Pneumatic tubes or ‘push to connect fittings,’ as they are more commonly known, are used primarily for pneumatic systems for the following reasons:

Positive Retention: The fittings are manufactured in such a way that tugging on the lines only causes the fittings to grip harder, which in turn lowers the chance of an air leak.

Quick to Connect and Disconnect: Only a few seconds are needed to quickly attach or detach the fittings.

No Special Tools Are Required: This is also why many industries use such tube fittings as no soldering, crimping or additional parts are needed.

Perfectly Reusable: The fittings can be used again even after detachment without them being damaged or destroyed. Have you installed the ‘right’ pneumatic tube fitting but are still having problems with air leakage and compression? Maybe changing them to another set will prove to be a good idea.