5 Popular Types of Pipe Connector Fittings In the Plumbing Industry

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December 21, 2021
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5 Popular Types of Pipe Connector Fittings In the Plumbing Industry

Pipe fittings help with pipe routing for directional changes, size changes, and branch connections. Various end connectors are used to connect pipe fittings to the pipework. Pipe fittings are critical to the effective operation of pipes and tubes in various applications. This blog post will look at the five types of pipe fittings utilized in the plumbing business. A pipe connector is used in a plumbing system to connect multiple pipes of the same or various diameters, regulate or measure flow, and unite multiple pipes of the same or different sizes.


To join pipes of the same diameter, a coupling is also essential if the pipe breaks or if there is a leak. There are two types of couplings accessible: Slip coupling and compression coupling. Compression coupling is a standard coupling that connects two pipes and prevents leakage by using gaskets or rubber seals on both sides unless glue is used. While slip couplings are simpler to install and consist of two pipes that are put as one into the other, with the inner pipe sliding up to a certain length, as a result, slip coupling can be used to repair lengthy lengths of the broken pipe.


A union is a sort of fitting that works similarly to a coupling; whereas couplings cannot be removed after they have been fixed, the union can be withdrawn at any time as they are made up with nut, male, and female threads, which are also important for sustaining the pipe’s purpose.


If the pipes do not have special or plain ends, adaptors thread them either male or female, depending on the situation. Female adapters have female threads, while male adapters have male threads and the plain end of the adapter is bonded, welded, or soldered to the plain pipe end.


Four openings in four directions are found in cross-type fittings; when four pipes come together at a spot, they are connected by cross-type pipe connectors. Because they are in the middle of four connecting sites, these fittings put extra stress on the pipe when the temperature varies and fire sprinkler systems frequently use cross fittings.

Tee Type:

Tee type fittings are T-shaped components of a plumbing system with one input and two outlets, with the outlets angled at 90 degrees to the mainline connection (inlet). It can also be used to unite two inlets into a single outlet; Equal tee refers to a T-fitting with three sides that are all the same size, whereas an Unequal tee refers to a T-fitting with three sides that are all different sizes.

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