6 Cost-Effective Pneumatic Solutions To Implement For Safe Applications

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March 19, 2020
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6 Cost-Effective Pneumatic Solutions To Implement For Safe Applications

Specializing in sealing products, Sealexcel brings you the best solutions for your industry. Continuous Pneumaticproduct improvement has earned us a reputation, helping us identify and respond to various industrial needs.

Our pneumatic fittings and valves are particularly in demand for excellent safety and efficiency they deliver.

Want to ensure process quality through safe equipment? Here’s a list of products that can help you achieve your goal:

1. Pneumatic check valves

The series of valves is designed to offer single direction flow. These valves shut down fluid flow if the pressure difference drops below 0.258 bar.

Check valves have a high pressure rating and can withstand 0.5 to 40 bar pressure range. These have been manufactured for precision with BSPT/BSP/SAE/NPT straight thread end connections.

2. Stainless steel push-in fittings

These fittings are resistant to aggressive environments and prove to be highly functional in applications where corrosive liquids are involved.

Consisting of six different precision components, push-in fittings are excellent for easy manual connection and disconnection. These fittings have a pressure rating of up to 290 psi and temperature rating to withstand up to 150°C.

3. Stainless steel push-on fittings

Push-on fittings only have two precision components which are carefully designed to offer consistent and reliable products.

Applications include use in pneumatic control, automatic devices, and air supply to machines.

They have an excellent leak tight sealing system, with pressure rating of 290 psi and temperature rating of 160°C.

4. Flow control regulators

Our flow regulators are designed specifically to meet the requirements of low pressure pneumatic applications.

These flow regulators are used for speed control of the fluid being transferred in aggressive environments. This may include various chemical or mechanical constraints.

Flow regulators have a pressure rating of up to 10 bar and temperature rating of up to 120°C, making them excellent choices for pneumatic systems.

5. Quick connect couplings

These couplings are used in several different applications across the industry. They have a durable ball-lock mechanism which assures reliable connections.

Valve guide allows proper alignment of the valve with the seat, preventing leakage. Various flow passage sizes are available, ranging from 5mm to 14 mm.

6. Quick exhaust valves valves

These valves allow direct exhaust of compressed air. This happens upon the increase in cylinder rod displacement speed and reduction in cycle time.

A complete range of quick exhaust valves are available at SealExcel. These have a pressure rating of up to 40 bar with a temperature rating of up to 120°C.

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