A Quick chapter on Hydraulic Compression fitting

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October 10, 2015
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Understanding Pneumatic Tube Fittings and Air Leakage
October 10, 2015
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October 15, 2015

Hydraulic fittings refer to those parts that are used to connect hoses, pipes and tubes of hydraulic systems. These equipments work under a high pressure and that’s why needed to be strong, reliable and versatile to operate safely and durably as per their respective application. Stainless Steel Fittings Manufacturers strictly adhere to quality and safety standards dictating the dimensions, pressure rating etc. while creating them.

Sealexcel-Manufacturing2While you are building a hydraulic system or implementing Hydraulic Compression Fittings & Tube in your industry specific needs, you need to understand the fitting properly. Threaded Hydraulic fittings and Compression hydraulic fittings might look same but connect and function in a very different way. Here is a differentiation in between them:

While the threaded and compression fittings use threads to make connections yet threaded fittings have 1 piece connection end and compression fittings have 3 piece connection ends. In threaded fittings the threads creating the seal for connection make use of Teflon tape and come in cone shape, whereas in compression fittings the seal is created with the help of ferrule or a compression nut. It can be ring shaped or oval.

How hydraulic compression fittings work?

Compression fittings, as the name suggests can be formed by applying force to make a seal. This can be done with the help of 3 piece assembly including a compression nut, an inner ring called ferrule and a connector. When this compression nut is tightened, the ferrule has to be pressed against the tube with full force so that no excess space is left in the joint. This helps to avoid fluid or gas leakage further.

How to identify amongst the compression fitting type?

You can ask any Hydraulic compression fittings suppliers o recognize by taking a look inside. The compression fitting is the quickest way to identify a compression fitting. The threaded one will have a seat inside. For further proofs you can look for a nut and a ring (ferrule).

Advantages of Hydraulic Compression fitting:

Some of the advantages hydraulic compression fittings suppliers affirmed include:

  • These kind of fitting eliminate the need of welding or soldering the pipe fitting connection making them quick and simple to be used. You don’t need a special toolkit to assemble and install this kind of fitting. In fact, if there is a need of fitting in any area, it is easy to disassemble, maintain and fix the particular region. The broken joints can also be reassembled without a need of damaging the entire connection.
  • One thing to be kept in mind while assembling a hydraulic compression fitting is that overdoing the pressure or force can break the connection. Over pressure can damage the ferrule and the tube sometimes. Once the nut stops rotating with adequate force, you should stop tightening.
  • Since there is no welding or joints that are soldered that makes hydraulic compression fittings ideal to be used near an area of heat or flammable or cold sources. Welding joints often start leaking in such environments.

There are several precautions that need to be followed while installing a compression fitting in your industry. They are not as much solid as the welded ones and that’s why it is recommended to implement these fitting in areas that are subjected to sudden pressure changes, frequent flexing and similar others. These kinds of pipe fittings are sensitive to stressors and longevity is stunted in such cases.

However they are unbeatable when it comes to quick and easy assembling.

suppliers also provide professional industrial components that have verified TAMPS factor in place for ideal industrial usage. The TAMPS (Temperature, Applications, Material, Pressure, Size) ensure reliability as well as durability. You can easily find such Stainless Steel Fittings Manufacturers that cater to the specific needs of yours. Call US 0091-22-26786885,  0091-22-26788534,  0091-22-66944124

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