A Step By Step Guide To Tube Fitting And Safety

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January 6, 2016
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A Step By Step Guide To Tube Fitting And Safety

Tubing and Fitting is an important skill that needs to be brushed up when you plan to start maintenance of the system. In this article we will discuss about tube bending and tube fitting safety. It will help you adopt the right tube bending and fitting technique. Here are the following steps you should follow:

Step 1: You need to fully insert the tube into the fitting and rotate the nut to make sure it’s tight. While doing so your shoulder should be at opposite sides.

Step 2: Mark the nut at the 6 o’clock position.

Step 3: When doing so, keep your body steady, and tighten the nut so that it turns to 9 o’clock position. It’s where the job is done.

It has been observed that people with years of experience don’t have knowledge of doing it in the right manner. The possible reason can be they never have been taught to do it in a right manner. One of the most common tube installation mistakes is not fully inserting the tube into the fitting.

People often don’t give it a one-quarter turn. People tightening it with their gut feeling which is prone to leakage. These leaks can remain undetected for years, leading to safety hazards and resulting in higher operational cost. Apart from that it has also environmental impact.

Most people learn to bend tubes in the guidance of someone else. It really requires a lot of experience, skill and craftsmanship to understand and learn the best practices.

Precautions to take

Intermixing with other manufacturing components can be dangerous. Leak tight seals will be able to withstand high pressure, vibration, vacuum, and temperature depending on the quality standards. The difference in the quality of the tubes at the intersection point is quite essential for reliability and safety.

Here are the following precautions you should take:

Never bleed the system by loose fittings

Avoid assembling the fitting when the system is pressurized

Always use proper thread sealants

Avoid unnecessary disassembly of tube fittings

Don’t try to mix tubes, ferrules and nuts of different manufacturers

Summing up

Tube Fitting and bending is a critical procedure and it should be taken lightly as it may prove costly later leading to both safety and financial hazard. Following the above instructions may seem very simple, but these are extremely important to avoid untoward incident.

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