Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Coupling

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November 13, 2015
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December 28, 2015
Tube Fittings and Valves: Manufacturers and Suppliers
November 13, 2015
Things You Must Know Before Purchasing Precision Pipe Fitting Tubes
December 28, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Coupling

A coupling (or coupler)—the term is often used in piping or plumbing, is a short-length of tube with socket at either or both ends which makes it possible to join pipes or tubes through welding, brazing or soldering.

A coupling is very important for pipe connections in various industrial applications, especially in industrial setups. It connects two pipes with each other. It’s very important because the device or fitting is used to join two pipes to maintain continuity in the connection. If the size of two pipes is not same, the fitting used is called reducing coupling.

In most of the industrial installations, there is a series of pipes of various lengths and sizes that are joined together or cut in a way that facilitates a change in the direction. This is made possible with the help of couplings which can be of –permanent or temporary based on the requirement.

Another thing to understand about the pipe couplings is that these may include flow meters and other analytical attachments to ease the installation. They use shut-off and pressure release mechanisms. Permanent pipe couplings uses soldering or brazing if its steel pipe or adhesive –if its PVC pipes. These joints , if correctly installed, provides the much needed rigidity in the overall structure.

If the two ends of a coupling are not similar, such as one is BSP threaded or other is NPT threaded; then it’s referred to as adapters. .

Type of pipe coupling

The body of the pipe coupling is often made up of the same material as that of pipes that are connected. There flexibility or rigidity depends on the amount of movement the pipe is subjected. They can be of T shape or Cross shape or Angular to form bends.

Thus, pipe couplings are often used to facilitates pipe routing, crossing of obstacles or when penetration of walls are required. The couplings can of U shape, but its shape also depends on the quantum of bending required. Adapter pipes are also used to join pipes of different sizes. When more than two pipes are to be joined Y, T, or cross shaped couplings can be used for the purpose.

What is Hex Reducing coupling?

Before understanding the concept of Hex reducing coupling, you should know the basic function of reducer. A reducer is that part of the pipeline that helps reduce the pipe size from a larger to a smaller bore (inner diameter) and the length of reduction is equal to the average of the diameter of the larger and smaller pipe. A reducer can be used either as nozzle or as diffuser depending on the requirement.

A Hex reducing coupling is a type of Pipe fitting which consists of a short piece of Hex pipe. It is often provided with a female pipe thread of different sizes at both end in order to connect two other pipes. These are frequently used in the petrochemical, engineering and construction sectors.

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