Five Mistake To Avoid When Dealing With Hydraulic Leaks

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June 20, 2018
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Five Mistake To Avoid When Dealing With Hydraulic Leaks


1. Keep you distance

Hydraulic fluid reaches temperatures of 300°F or higher!
Moreover, these leaks can be in excess of 600ft/s velocity and have been known to penetrate through skin, even with protective gear on.

2. Don’t over tighten

This ruins fitting integrity and is one of the most common causes of tube fitting leaks.
Be sure to assess the fitting connection before instinctively tightening.

3. Depressurize

Always depressurize a hydraulic system before inspection.
This minimizes the chances of hydraulic fluid erupting from a machine component during inspection.

4. Don’t reuse the 0-Ring

0-rings are susceptible to cracks that can ruin seal integrity upon reassembly. Always replace them, even if you are reassembling a reusable fitting.

5. Use standard replacements

Make sure you replace a fitting with the exact same fitting type even if it takes longer to acquire.
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