How to Choose the Right Tube Fittings Manufacturer

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August 5, 2021
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October 27, 2021

How to Choose the Right Tube Fittings Manufacturer

Although modern-day tubes are incredibly light and flexible, tubing systems still need adequate amounts of support. Or else, your fluid systems may become prone to leaks. Some people with prior plumbing experience will know intuitively how much support their tubing needs. Others should seek professional assistance, or else their long runs of tubing may sag or accumulate cracks with time.

That’s why buying the correct type of stainless steel tube and fittings is extremely important. Tube fittings are one of the most popular components in the plumbing industry. They connect long tubing runs to other regions of the tubing system, other components, pipes, hoses, etc. More importantly, they provide adequate support to complex piping systems featuring pipes of many diameters and sizes.

Even more critical is buying pipe fittings from the right manufacturers. Although these fittings are available in copper and PVC, stainless steel fittings are by far your safest bet. These fittings enable pipes to be used in tight spaces – under the basement, ceilings, etc. These spaces are prone to moisture damage, so always opt for stainless steel fittings.

You can buy these fittings online or from home improvement stores. Irrespective of where you purchase these components from, always pick a reliable tube fittings manufacturer. By reliable, we mean manufacturers who use suitable types of materials and offer transparent customer service. Here are some qualities that differentiate the “right” tube fittings manufacturers from the “wrong” ones –

Material Traceability

All top manufacturers in the metal fabrication industry prioritize raw material tractability. That’s because their clients are usually involved in large-scale, complex projects. They need complete material traceability details for quality assurance. Many project managers require this information to obtain tax credits or LEED certification.

Manufacturers who offer transparent material traceability details are more reliable. Their tube fittings are guaranteed to be made of high-quality materials that meet all safety and effectiveness objectives.

Fittings with Both UNF and UNEF Threads

UN stands for “unified.” It specifies the shapes and dimensions of the threads on tube fittings. The use of UN tube fittings is widespread. The sizes of these fittings are measured in metric units. They’re also manufactured in metric sizes.

UNF stands for “unified fine.” On these tube fittings, the average number of threads-per-inch is higher than UN tube fittings. Hence, the thread is finer. UNEF stands for “unified extra fine.” It’s the same as “unified fine,” except the average number of threads-per-inch is even higher. Hence, the thread is extra-fine.

Ideally, you want a manufacturer that offers both types of tube fittings – UNF and UNEF. The ability to manufacture both indicates that the manufacturer’s compression tube fittings will have improved physical characteristics, higher thread strength, better surface quality, and higher resistance to wear and tears.  

Silver-Plated Tube Fittings

Tube fittings with silver plating last longer on average, even if they are used in varying temperatures. These fittings are easy to assemble – no external lubrication or high torque is required. Tube fittings with silver plating also have better re-make life.

Does your manufacturer of tube fittings have these manufacturing capabilities? If not, their tube fittings may not be able to match up to your business requirements!

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