How to ensure the most satisfying fitting for your machinery

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November 4, 2016
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A Guide to Improving Control Valve Performance in Your Plant
November 4, 2016
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March 20, 2017

How to ensure the most satisfying fitting for your machinery

Issues like leaks are obvious when the fitting arrangements don’t complement well. Double ferrule tube fittings have been designed perfectly to be offering the extra flexibility with the tube fittings. These products have been biddable being prepared after thorough quality control procedures.

Advantageous parts of a perfect double ferrule fitting:

There are certain aspects those are a must to be addressed, mostly the leak preventing nature and rigidity. Coming to the design, the contemporary chronological movement of the Double Ferrule Fittings take care of the various parts, like protecting the material. The accuracy in construction is also handy in terms of offering the fittings without torque. It also helps in eliminating the perilous and steep leaks with tubing patterns in various industries functionalities like, process control, flow mechanism, and others, where tubing plays a crucial role.

Structural parts:

Basically, the Double Ferrule Tube Fittings consist of four parts. Upon incorporation, another part gets integrated with the whole arrangement finds another part in the form of tube. The same integration is important to offer the most stringent fit, and so to huddle any sort of leaks. It’s the job of the ferrules to clutch strongly the zones covering the tube offering zero issues with the walls. Thorough demonstrations are carried on regarding the leak test prior final incorporation.

On this context, it is very important for the construction to be flawless both in terms of construction and material quality. Primarily, the fits are done ensuring the radical move around the tube. If it was a revolving movement, the joint was never perfect. The radical movement huddles conduction of any kind of torque irrespective of the parts.

It is a fact that there remain no born issues with the tubes or tubing patterns, neither the joints cause any damage suddenly. A perfect double ferrule fitting is also pretty handy in terms of dealing with the altering width with the walls. It also hikes the stringency and lenience significantly.

Hence, the following characteristics are must checked while going with any sort of fitting.

  • It should be easy in terms of incorporation.
  • It should be having the ability to deal with high pressure.
  • It should be fit well with varied kinds of materials.
  • It needs to be tested with altering hotness cycles.
  • It should not be demanding extraneous equipments for complete assembling.

Compression Tube fitting:

Compression tube fitting is also one of the finest options to stay relaxed about leaks and torque effects. However, to enjoy the best facility, it is important to go exclusively with the Compression Tube Fitting, Stainless. At the same time the following points should also be taken care of about his sort of fittings for a comprehensive outcome.


  • It is important to pick the best material type that can be in concomitant with your system.
  • It should be having the authorized quality to be promising about the safety at higher temperatures, of industrial level.
  • It should be technically built to take proper care of the vacuity and pressure distribution.

 What to demand from the fitting house:

Irrespective of the place you seek service, it is important to have following points in mind.

  • The fitting house should be able in presenting eclectic range of equipments of different compositions.
  • It should have enough manpower to help in terms of configuring the whole arrangement.
  • You should check the material quality of each component prior installation, or making it functional.