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How to Find the Best Tube Fittings Suppliers?

The standard tube fittings are preferred as a primary component in many industries. They are used to holding the joints and tightly close them at the time of operations. It is important to choose the right fittings to ensure the safety of the workers and enhance the efficiency of the equipment. Ideally, you should prefer buying high-quality components made by a trusted manufacturer. The best tube fittings suppliers can offer high precision and absolute quality in all their products. However, it can be daunting to find the right manufacturer for your requirements. Here are given some tips that you can follow in this regard:

Look for a Wide Range:

The range of products designed by supplier should be comprehensive to cater to the needs of different sectors. Look for the varieties like hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings, and pipe fittings that are technically advanced and built with precision. These types of fittings are prevalently used in the industries including petrochemicals, food, biotechnology, energy, paper, mining, pharmaceuticals, printing, marine, and packing industries. Prefer a supplier who serves the needs of all these industries.

Look for Proper Testing Facilities:

When buying high precision fittings, you must ask the suppliers about the methods of testing implemented for maintaining the safety, consistency, and quality of the product. Ideally, a company must have in-house testing facilities to verify the quality of its products. There are standards like ISO 15000, ECE R110, BS 4368: 4: 1984, ASTM F1387 -99 (2005), and MSS-SP- 99-2010 that must be followed for conducting various tests. The main types of tests conducted on the tube fittings are burst pressure test, helium leak test, pneumatic proof pressure test, hydrostatic proof pressure test, and rotary flex test.

Look for High-Quality:

In the field of tube fittings, it is very important to maintain strict standards of quality. The best tube fittings suppliers follow the international standards specified for their industry. To maintain compliance with these standards, the company should have a quality management system to check the quality of every component from the stage of raw material procurement to finished product. The main standards that should be followed are ATEX 94/9/EC, PED 97/23/EC, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 22000:2005.

Look for High-Quality Packaging:

After the production of high precision components like tube fittings, it is essential to package them properly for maintaining their quality and protecting from any damage. Check the packaging to see if the products are covered with a plastic cap and the assemblies are separately packed in the bags. Damages during the transit can be avoided by packing the fittings in durable cardboard boxes.

It takes a lot of effort and research to manufacture these engineering components. You must check the capabilities and competence of the company in customizing these products to serve specific needs.