Industries that SEALEXCEL can Serve (Part 1)

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June 5, 2015
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June 25, 2015

Industries that SEALEXCEL can Serve (Part 1)

In a couple of our previous posts, we talked about the benefits that our clients can receive when they choose to do business with us. We discussed our design, development and manufacturing processes and talked about how these can help us manufacture products that can pass any international standard. Today, we are going to talk about how these products are durable and safe enough to be used in different industries.

The standards that we have set in our manufacturing process and the comprehensive testing facilities, both allow us to manufacture products that are reliable, safe and suitable for a number of industries. The following are the main industries that our products can be utilized in:

1.     Chemical

Chemical, and petrochemical, industries require pipe and tube fittings that can withstand the corrosiveness and toxicity of the chemicals being transferred through pipe systems. The valves, fittings and flow control regulators that are manufacture by our company are designed to withstand everything that the industry requires them to.

2.     Food & Beverages

Food and beverages industry regards the cleanliness of fittings and valves, above everything else. They have to be sure of the fact that the materials used to manufacture the fittings are human health friendly. We have all the certifications that ensure clients that we adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards for our products. Our cleaning and testing processes also play a part in ensuring that all our products are safe for use in the food and beverages industry.

3.     Hydraulics

Surges in flow, vibrations, high pressures, etc are a norm in the hydraulics and instrumentation industry. Owners in this industry want fittings that are durable and can operate smoothly in these tough conditions. Our products are tested and proven to handle all these conditions.

4.     Pneumatic

Pneumatic industries deal with pressurized gases and the transfer of these gases from one place to another. The industry requires precise control regulators and valves that can offer safety as well as guarantee smooth operations, and we supply products that can do just that.

5.     Marine

In the marine industry, low quality tube fittings can become a cause of heavy losses. So, make sure that you buy our fittings, which have the necessary certifications that prove that they are sturdy and made specifically for the industry.

These are first half of the industries that our products can be used in. There are a few others that we will list in our next post. In the meanwhile, if you require fittings for any of the industries mentioned above, then contact us!