Keeping Track Of Your Valve Maintenance Budget Is Important

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September 20, 2016
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4 Most Common Types of Fitting Connections
September 20, 2016
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March 29, 2018

Keeping Track Of Your Valve Maintenance Budget Is Important

Power generating plants today usually come to face two crucial challenges:Valve

  • Lessened maintenance budgets, and
  • Struggle of renewable energy.

It is unfortunate that the maintenance budgets allocated are tight, forcing managers to overlook problems that require immediate attention.

The growing popularity of renewable energy sources is compromising the requirement for conventional generation of power from fossils. Consequently, power plants are frequently functioning less than planned capacity.

Fossil based power plants that operate at reduced production capacity or cycling units are now highly demanding control valves for reasons they aren’t created for. When control valves are forced to function below their capacity, they function nearer to their sealing surfaces than needed.

The reduction in the rate of flow tremendously augments the speed within the valves, triggering erosion. Plant managers can commence reducing the erosion of control valve seats and the following maintenance expenditures by analyzing the size of the valve’s interior trim.

Current data is outstanding for learning about the real working conditions relative to what was suggested in the valve stipulations.

Control Valve Design

Ideally, control valves are designed keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Type of fluid,
  • Upward pressure,
  • Downward pressure,
  • Rate of flow,
  • Temperature

Then, the power plant engineers, acquirement, and protection planners must realize where the control valves must function inside the facility:

  • Lower than 10% open must be prevented as the valve will erode swiftly.
  • Try to keep the control valve range operating anywhere from 20% to 80% open.

If pertinent information regarding valves is available, plant managers will instantly realize if the control valves are functioning within the given range.

What Is The Solution?What Is The Solution

The ultimate outcome is an extra-large control valve that will eventually wear more swiftly under less than designed flow circumstances. Plant managers can avoid erosion and reduce maintenance expenditure by analyzing and perhaps modifying the size of control valves. There are typically two ways of doing so:

  • Replacing the interior valve trim with the right size for new functioning conditions, or
  • Reduce to a smaller version of the valve.

While getting a complete control valve replacement is an expensive undertaking than a mere trim replacement, both solutions offer considerable long-standing maintenance and functional savings.

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