Manifold Valves And Under-floor Heating

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June 21, 2016
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A Guide to Precision Type Fittings
June 21, 2016
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August 3, 2016

Manifold Valves And Under-floor Heating

Why Is The Manifold ImportantUnder-floor heating is an invention that takes the cake for being the coolest and most necessary development. The simple and standard manifold valve available at SEALEXCEL is the heart of the under-floor heating system (UFH). What does it do? The valve distributes warm water to each UFH zone via the tubing system at a correct flow rate.

Why Is The Manifold Important?

It’s not as simple as pumping water around the tubes and hoping the required areas heat up.

The flow rate of water through each coiled tube is influenced by heat loss factors that the tubes run through. This is why the system must be properly balanced to ensure even distribution of flow. Further complexity is brought to the table after realizing the system comprises different tube lengths.

A Closer Look at the Manifold and Its FunctionA Closer Look at the Manifold and Its Function

Salient components of this type of valve are;

  • Flow Gauges
  • Flow Temperature Gauge
  • Manual Air Vent
  • Flow Adjustment
  • Actuators
  • Filling/Drain Off Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Return Temperature Gauge

What Is The Configuration Of The Manifold Valve?

This type of valve is made of 2-12 “ports”. It’s the ports where tubing connects and fluid is able to flow and return effectively. From the mainline, warm water is transferred to the flow manifold. Temperature of the water can be determined on the temperature gauge.

Instead of the entire floor, the heating mechanism underneath is able to heat each part or zone separately. The rate of water flow is controlled until it reaches the zone that requires heating. The fluid then flows back through the tube and arrives at the return manifold.

SEALEXCEL – One of the Trusted Manufacturers of Manifold Valves

As a trusted name in the industry in not only India, but much of the international world, SEALEXCEL draws its 2 decade worth of experience and expertise when it comes to designing, producing and supplying valves, fittings and industrial couplings.

The key features of our manifold valve units are:Manifold Valves

  • All units are designed to withstand system static pressure.
  • All units can endure any differential pressure and liquid level application, as needed.
  • All units are extensively tested by rigid testing procedures before being supplied to clients.
  • All units are available in stainless steel 316 series.
  • All units are designed to ensure easy installation and hassle free maintenance in the most aggressive industrial systems.
  • 2, 3, and 5 valve manifold unit designs are available.

For more information about our manifold valve product design or operation, send us a query today. You can also view the extensive product portfolio and order online.