Manifold Valves : Series - MFV5 (Five Way)


  • Available in SS316, NACE certified on request
  • Heat Code Traceable to certified material test report
  • Low operating torques
  • PTFE packing standard, Graphite packing for high   temperature on request
  • Available with 2 way, 3 way and 5 way valve.
  • Available with Pipe to Pipe, Pipe to Flange, Flange to Flange, Remote, Remote mounting Base vent, Base, Direct and Integral mounting.
  • Convenient method of blocking, bleeding and calibrating pressure instruments.
  • Designed for connection system impulse line & transfer
  • Combine the function of a tee, calibration valve, isolation valve, all tubing and fittings in a sigle valve configuration.
  • Standard port sizes up to 1/2” NPT/BSP/BSPT
  • Every valve is factory tested


Description Features and Benefits
1. Bar Handle To operate and control the valve flow.
2. Set Screw Lock the handle with stem.
3. Stem i) Rolled and silver plated stem threads for excellent performance and extended service life. ii) Burnished stem at packing area to ensure low torque operation of the valve & reduction in packing wear
4. Stem Tip 17‐4 PH Stainless Steel hardened non rotational self centering stem tip for superior and repeatable positive bubble tight shut off.
5. Packing Adjuster Makes external adjustment to set the perfect sealing of gland packing.
6. Lock Nut For safety to prevent accidental valve disassembly.
7. Bonnet Directly screwed to the main body.
8. Packing Packing below the threads protects the flow stream from lubricant contamination on the threads or wash out and also protect the stem threads from potential damaging effects of the media.
9. Washer For sealing between body and bonnet assembly.
10. Locking Pin To prevent accidental loosening / disassembly of valve.
11. Dust Cap Protects the stem from foreign particles.


  • Pressure Rating : upto 6000 psig (408 bar) at CWP
  • Temperature Rating : -54ºC to 232ºC with PTFE packing, upto 428ºC with optional graphite packing


  • Pressure and Differential pressure Instrumentation


  • Standard Test : Each valve is factory tested with nitrogen at 1000 psig (69 bar) for leakage at the seat and packing.
  • Optional Hydrostatic test : This test is performed with de-ionised water at 1.5 time the working pressure.