Quick Exhaust Valves – Uses And Applications

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August 31, 2016
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September 4, 2016

Quick Exhaust Valves – Uses And Applications

What are Quick Exhaust Valves?Exhaust Valves

Quick exhaust valves are valves that are designed to allow direct exhaust or expulsion of compressed air. This can happen if the displacement speed of the cylinder rod increases which reduces the cycle time.

How do they work?

Typically, these types of valves are installed in the inlet of a spring return and they can also be installed in the double acting pneumatic cylinder. The way it works is simple. Air is made to pass through from a control valve into the inlet port of this one. The exhaust port is then sealed by the Buna-N poppet which allows air to flow directly from the outlet port to the cylinder.

Since the air is pressurized, it is able to move the piston thus extending the rod which in turn compresses the spring until the rod is completely extended. When air is exhausted from the inlet port of this valve, it is sealed by the Buna-N poppet which shifts as a result and the exhaust port opens up to the cylinder. The air is then allowed to pass onto the atmosphere from the exhaust valve.How do they work

This is not possible without this valve; typically, air has to travel through a long line to the control valve and then to the exhaust. Since the exhaust valve is mounted on the cylinder itself, the piston can move back quickly. That’s because the distance between it and the atmosphere is quite small and unrestricted due to this valve. This way, quick exhaust valves:

  • Allow ear to exit from air operated cylinders and reservoirs quickly
  • Increase the speed of cylinders indirectly
  • Have a simple design and structure so they do not obstruct operations

Main features

Exhaust valves are designed to blend in seamlessly with the systems they are made for to ensure precision and safety. Some of their key features include:

  • Offer direct air exhaust of all compressed air within an industrial system via the speed of the cylinder. This way the unit ensures precise processing and cycle time is reduced
  • These valves can withstand immense pressure up to 40 bar depending on application.Main features
  • Their temperature rating is recorded to be about 120°

At SEALEXCEL, we offer a lineup of quick exhaust valves that can meet a variety of needs in several industries. Our strong valves promise rapid cycle return and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. For more details, visit the FAQ page.