SealExcel’s Quick Exhaust Valves Are The Perfect Fit For Your System

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March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020

SealExcel’s Quick Exhaust Valves Are The Perfect Fit For Your System

Pneumatic industries require precision system components to achieve high performance in a very small time period. Speed as constructionwell as efficiency is important in these systems.

Certain valves and couplings are designed to help achieve this rapid action. Quick exhaust valves, or QEVs, remain one of the most popular components in pneumatic applications.

As quick exhaust valve suppliers, we recommend opting for stainless steel products. They offer high tolerance and can fit almost any system and industrial process.

At SealExcel, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your required pneumatic applications.

Design and construction of QEVs

The valve design allows you to increase the speed and shorten the cycle time of a cylinder used in pneumatic systems.

Its application depends on your actuation requirements.

Installing a QEV may result in either rapid retraction or rapid extension, when used at the blind or rod end of the cylinder. Pressure removal on the QEV’s input port results in backflow at its output port.

The stainless steel quick exhaust valve configuration allows direct mounting on the compressed air systems. Improving the cylinder rod displacement speed, QEVs shorten the time required to complete a cycle. High precision is ensured during the process.

Important features of SealExcel products

Here are the key features of our QEV design:SealExcel products

  • Size: A range from 1/8 to ½ inches of pipe thread construction is available
  • Pressure rating: QEVs can perform at up to 40 bar pressure
  • Temperature rating: These units are effective at temperature of up to 120°C
  • Options for end connections: BSP, NPT, BSPT and SAE straight thread connections are available
  • Sealing material: Viton® is used for sizes up to ¼ inches and polyurethane for sizes above; end connections of BSP, BSPT and NPT pipe threads are available

All our units are designed with stainless steel configuration to allow seamless integration in your pneumatic application. SealExcel’s QEVs also ensure higher precision and system safety.

As such, we offer a great selection you can choose from. All units undergo detailed testing and analysis to ensure perfect design. We follow strict quality testing procedure to supply you expertly designed and high performing sealing products.

If you’re interested in ordering quick exhaust valves, contact us today. We can offer advice regarding the right configuration for your system and application needs.