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March 19, 2020

Ball valves are widely used in modern piping systems in a number of industries. They are a form of quarter-turn valves that utilize hollow, pivoting and perforated balls for controlling the flow of fluids through it. These integraStainless Steel 316 Ball Valves from Sealexcell valves are primarily used to start, stop, control, direct and mix the flow, pressure and temperature of a process fluid inside a pipeline. The system is open when the hole of the ball is parallel to the flow of fluid. It is closed when the hole is pivoted at an angle of 90 degrees by the handle of the valve. In other words, the valve handle is aligned parallel when fluid flows through the system and perpendicularly when there is no flow of fluid. This makes visual confirmation of the fluid easy.

What are Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

A type of steel that possesses high resistivity to corrosion is known as Stainless Steel. A protective coating due to the formation of a passive oxide film allows the steel to repair itself. An increase in chromium content and the level of molybdenum increases the resistive property of the protective layer. Typically, the standard alloys of stainless steel that is applicable for piping contain 17-18% chromium and 8-12% nickel. Stainless steel 316 ball valves are highly durable, reliable, and capable of performing well after a number of cycles and closing in a secure manner, even after longer periods of disuse. These features of SS Ball valves make them an excellent choice for control and shutoff applications.

Why to Opt for Stainless Steel Ball Valves from Sealexcel?

Manufacturing Stainless Steel ball valves is one of the main aspects of Sealexcel. Some examples of different Sealexcel series of ball valves include Bv101, Bv103, Bv105, etc. Our team is highly committed to providing high- quality SS ball valves as per customer requirements.

  • Sealexcel assures the production of ball valves that meet the approved industrial and safety standards.
  • Along with the required ball valves that are usually subjected to normal levels of pressure, additional valves are supplied that are capable of withstanding high pressures.
  • The SS ball valves supplied by Sealexcel exhibit high-performance levels when working with steam and there is no scope for leakage of steam.
  • The valves are designed with high precision so that emission control is managed efficiently.
  • Customer specifications and details are our highest priority and we strive to provide products having resistance to corrosion, high durability, and low costs of maintenance.
  • Products from Seal Excel are inspected by experts and are approved by:
    • ECE R110
    • ASTM F1387-99 (2005)
    • ISO 15500
    • MSS-SP-99(2010) ARAI
    • BS 4368 Part 4:1984
    • Helium leak test
  • Punctual delivery of products is guaranteed.
  • Our products boast of an experience of the past 3 decades in engineering, high quality, precision, consistency, and perfect delivery. Our customer care services provide prompt and accurate help to our valuable customers.

Stainless Steel 316 Ball Valves from Sealexcel

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Sealexcel is a widely popular name across a number of industrial sectors owing specifically to the high quality and durability of our Stainless Steel 316 Ball Valves. You can enquire through our website for assessment of your requirements & subsequent supply.

For more information regarding Stainless Steel Ball valves, please visit Sealexcel’s portfolio of Ball Valves.