Sealexcel Pneumatic Flow Control Valve and Regulator

We design sophisticated and durable flow control regulators along with a wide range of other industrial pneumatic flow control valve and fitting options, to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. We understand the importance of high quality in industrial valves and fittings, to withstand pressure and temperature, and ensure efficiency at all times, for keeping the circuit systems in flow in any industrial setting. That is why, we at Sealexcel have never compromised on quality and hold it as our first priority!

We have been serving different sectors of the industry as reliable flow control regulator manufacturers, for decades and have earned a reputation for reliability and quality in the market. We make sure that every unit conforms to our industrial standards and sector requirements and our customers are never disappointed in our supply.

We are the leading Flow Control and pneumatic Valves Manufacturers and have an extensive portfolio of different types of flow regulator valve and pneumatic valves, which we design and manufacture to precision.

Key Features of Our Flow Control Regulator Units

Our flow control regulator units are designed with special operating parameters to withstand a pressure rating up to 10 bar.

The temperature rating of a flow regulator valve has been designed to withstand the system temperature effects of up to around 120O C
All units are subjected to high standard in- house product testing to ensure highest possible quality and precision.

The units have been designed with an end connection that comes with a BSP/SAE straight thread.

The units are available in size dimensions of 1/8 inches to around 1/2 inches in pipe thread. The fractional part is designed with a measurement of - 3/16 inches and to 1/2 inches.

We also offer the bar stock flow control regulator, which comes with a one way adjustment model, that has definite operating parameters that have been designed with a pressure rating of - to around 16 bar. The temperature of these units is designed to withstand up to 120OC.

The bi-directional units have a pressure rating of around up to 40 bar, while the system has a temperature rating of about to 120OC to withstand the spikes and lows in temperature in the industrial system.

Use of Flow Control Regulators

These units are used to regulate and control the speed of a system pneumatic cylinder, or the actual speed of the food fluid, which may be transferred through aggressive environments. The system may also have some mechanical and chemical constraints as well.

The flow control valves ensure system efficiency and safety throughout the different high pressure and system procedures.

Industrial Application of Flow Regulator Valves

The flow control regulator valves are also called as quick exchange valves and the non-return valves. These units have been designed with utmost precision and attention to detail to ensure that they are able to meet the low pressure pneumatic and fluid system applications.

We carry out sophisticated testing procedures on all our product units before supplying them to our industrial customers. To ensure that we offer you only the safest and premium quality durable products, supplied in a timely manner.

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Flow Control Regulators

SEALEXCEL® Stainless Steel Flow control regulators, Non- Return Valves and Quick-Exchange Valves have been carefully designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of low pressure Fluid and Pneumatic applications and are most suitable for Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging Industries etc. in adverse conditions and aggressive environments.

These Regulators are used to control the speed of a Pneumatic Cylinder or the speed of Food Fluid carried in aggressive environments or to high mechanical or chemical constraints.