The Secret Behind SEALEXCEL’s Tube Fittings Long Lasting Quality

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March 20, 2016
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April 26, 2016

The Secret Behind SEALEXCEL’s Tube Fittings Long Lasting Quality


Companies today cannot rely on half-hearted measures in their manufacture and operation. The fast paced and rising competition in the marketplace has no room for production faults and maintenance failures.

To meet industry set standards of quality, safety, and consistent performance, companies in India and the rest of the world look for products that promise just that. That’s where we come in. As a Mumbai based tube fittings and valves manufacturer, we deliver just that.

Offering sustainability and long lasting quality to its clients, SEALEXCEL is world renowned for;

Its Interchangeability and Durability

The product on offer today has gone through rigorous changes over the years, according to evolution of the industry itself. While quality of materials used as well as consistent performance and reliability is still the same, SEALEXCEL’s experienced technicians have continued to improve and update overall design of the end product.

Newer and better materials, manufacturing and quality control practices have all combined to produce a more durable product compared to before. This is why our stainless steel tube fittings and valves don’t fail or wear out! This, in turn, promotes cost-effectiveness which is a very important factor to consider.

A Clear Edge over Competitors

It’s perhaps due to high regard to our customers or the incredible and consistent quality maintained by SEALEXCEL, not only do old clients come back to us, but many refer products to new ones. Many times has a client called to ask about the quality control processes and standards used by SEALEXCEL, expressing disappointment at products offered by competitors.

Why do we have this edge over competitors? Over two decades of experience and expertise in the manufacture, research and design of high quality tube fittings and valves for different applications has given us the right tools to address any clients’ requirement and product specifications.

All products that come out of the manufacturing plants are tested at a state-of-the art in-house facility where surface finish, sharp edges and other critical dimensions are checked.

SEALEXCEL Meets International Industry Set Standards

SEALEXCEL has been offering high quality tube fittings and valves for the hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation applications of numerous industries in India and the world. In order to operate well and safely, the industrial valves and fittings used must be ISO compliant which SEALEXCEL’s surely are. Browse through our extensive catalogue today!