Things That Should Be Considered: Valve Designs

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Things That Should Be Considered: Valve Designs

1For those who are unable to comprehend the technicalities of a valve, it’s a basic hollow shaped device that controls and regulates the flow of liquid passing through either by partially or fully opening and closing the passageways. Although it sounds quite easy, things aren’t always the same as portrayed. Some valves are flawed while only high-quality ones are able to endure and exhibit high performance. To make sure the valves perform their best, the manufacturers must pay special attention to certain design factors.

Every design has its strengths and weaknesses; therefore, knowing the application needs of a valve plays a crucial role in determining the right valve design. Read below some of the most important valve design factors that must be considered for appropriate functioning:

Actuator Design

This is one of the most important things to consider in valve designs.2 Actuator design in collaboration with positioner design has an effect on the performance of the dead band as well as the forceful rejoinder of the control valve assembly and the total air consumption of the valve. Today, positioners are majorly used with control valve relevance. When utilized with a conventional digital control system, this combination permits position exactness and quicker response to system disturbance. One important quality of a good positioner is that it must be a heavy gain device to reduce any kind or variations in the process.

Response Time

The response time of the valve is yet another important consideration. For adequate performance, it’s essential for the valve to reach its intended position almost instantly. This provides optimum process control and quicker response to even the smallest changes. The valve response time is composed of two variables: the valve assembly dead time and valve assembly dynamic time. Ideally, it’s best to keep the static time as low as possible.

It’s important to know that a dead band causes a lot of process variability and a control valve plays a primary role in this instrumentation ring as a result of backslash, friction, relay or spool valve.

Valve Type and Size

3In an attempt to optimize the performance of the process and condense any variability, over-sizing can consequentially take place. Over-sized valves impact the variability of the process in 2 ways: firstly, they put too much gain on the valve, providing reduced flexibility for regulation of the controller (usually the best performance is exhibited when the gain comes from the controller); secondly, they start operating more often at reduced valve openings where the seal resistance is high.

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