Valve Repair 101: How To Properly Maintain An Industrial Ball Valve

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September 4, 2016
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Valve Repair 101: How To Properly Maintain An Industrial Ball Valve

What is a Ball Valve?Ball Valve

A ball valve is a device that is used in industrial applications. It is basically a spherical closure unit that allows operators to regulate flow of fluids, gases and slurries in pipelines.

The way it works is quite simple. When the bore is aligned with the pipeline, it is in the open position and thus can allow fluid to flow through. When it is turn 90 degrees, the bore goes perpendicular and the flow of fluid is blocked.

However, even the smallest obstruction can cause this system to malfunction resulting in costly repairs. If the valves are not maintained and repaired on a regular basis, complete system shutdown may also be imminent.

Maintenance and Repair of Ball Valves

Maintaining ball valves is not difficult and regular cleaning can keep them from eroding and getting Valve Designdamaged. However, before they are taken out of a pressurized pipe system, the system itself has to be drained completely before it is opened. The ball valves themselves must not be removed and using sealants will not help.

The valves should also be checked regularly to ensure they are as tight and damage free as when they were first installed. If they are damaged they have to be replaced immediately.

Ball valves that are installed for long periods of time and are not in use should still be replaced within 6 months so that operations remain functional. In addition, they should also be checked for leaks and corrosion and if they are defective, the valves should be replaced with new ones.

Main featuresApplications of Ball Valves

Ball valves are used in a number of industries that utilize pressurized systems for manufacturing, maintaining and transferring liquids, gases and slurries. This is why they are commonly used in storage, gas processing, food and beverage processing and others.

Since these products are also made to be leak proof, they are also used in gas applications. In fact, they can be used anywhere where compressed gas or liquids have to be kept at stable temperatures so that they can be moved easily.

At SEALEXCEL, we have a wide range of valves that are designed according to specific needs. These include ball valves that are made using the latest in engineering technology and are suitable for critical operations. Our ball valves can be accessed and maintained easily and boast low maintenance costs, high durability and are resistant to corrosion.