What to Do In The Event Of a Valve Shutdown?

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October 6, 2016
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November 4, 2016

What to Do In The Event Of a Valve Shutdown?

Usually in September, valve and fittings manufacturers belonging to the industrial sector decide to shut Valvedown for around 1­–3 weeks.

These aren’t corporate vacations; rather, crucial cleaning, repair and maintenance procedures where component/system replacements are also performed.

Moreover, significant facility inspections are taken place to keep the factory running and working efficiently during the coming year.

While preparing for fall shut downs, it is essential for you to work with a reputed and professional valve manufacturer to make sure all your valves are in good condition, functioning well, and don’t need any repair or replacement. Great news! Fall shut down is just the time to do so.

Common Valve Repair Issues

Valves form a core component of various industrial processes. However, when it comes to accurate functioning, no facility needs it more than power plants.

Typically, both manufacturing facilities and power plants come face-to-face with three hard-hitting problems when repairing their valves:

Manufacturing facilities—old ones for the most part—that still haven’t gone through a complete repairing process for quite a few years, tend to have older, rusted valves installed. And it is a common preference of plant managers to get these valves repaired instead of replaced.

Frequently, however, they realize that the real valve manufacturer is not in the business anymore and thus, the needed valve repair kits aren’t available in the market.

The second issue is that when valves can be fixed upon some fundamental repairs, the valves installed across the facility are so old that they have turned obsolete—basically useless. The fact is that valve technology is constantly evolving and getting better. There is a bright chance that your old valves launch a possibly pricey inefficiency that, despite being inevitable during the time of installation, has been mended by enhanced valve technology.

Valve Repair IssuesLastly, most plant and maintenance managers discover that the cost involved in repairing old valves and mending them with a few replacement components can, in turn, be an expensive undertaking. This can be predominantly true in manufacturing facilities that deal with condensate materials, mostly power plants.

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