Why is compression fitting a better option?

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February 2, 2016
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March 18, 2016

Why is compression fitting a better option?

If you have any idea with regards to the fittings of pipes utilized in plumbing or electrical conduit system, it is a probability that you have heard about the Tube Fittings. These have an immensely large application area and are used in homes, offices, factories, business house, and school; in a nutshell it is used in every place.


If you are required to take the aid of tube fittings for places which are close to fire or heat the perfect solution lies with the compression tube fitting. The copper fittings which are otherwise used lead to fire hazard due to the procedure of soldering; hence the latter are better utilized. Compression Tube Fittings Manufacturer makes the best of the fittings for home and industrial purpose. For the homes and offices they are used in hot and cold water taps and the stop valves on the toilet. However, for the industries it finds its application in chemical, oil, R&D, semiconductor industry and Bio-tech largely.

But this is not it about the compression fittings, there are three types of these, which further ensure their wide application:-

  1. Standard compression fittings- these do not require any sort of modification or alteration in the tubing. These are used for water and compressed air connections.
  2. Flare compression fittings- these require a special type of tool to pursue some modification. If you are utilizing them for gas and high pressure lines the flare compression fittings know their job.
  3. Push-in compression fittings- There is a special grip ring in these fittings, which fits over the end of the tube. There is also the O ring, which fabricates the seal at the end.

Why should you prefer the compression fittings for your job rather than the other variety?

The Tube Fitting Manufacturers recommend the utilization of compression fittings over other type of fittings due to the following features associated with it:-

  1. Ease of assembly- they are associated with ease of assembling with the parts given. They can be utilized in a hassle free manner. Hence, they are the ace choice of fitters.
  2. No skilled methodology- the compression tube fittings do not require any skilled methodology to operate them. They can be operated without any hassle free manner.
  3. Disassembled with ease- If there is the need for removal of the fitting for maintenance or correction, the fittings can be easily used for the same. In these cases, these do not cause any problem in the joint or its structure.
  4. Resistant to heat or water- the fittings can be easily used in places which make them exposed to heat or water, without causing any problem to their functional ability.

If you need to procure it, it is best advisable to take care of the quality, standards and the reviews of the manufacturer. There are a number of manufacturers which are available online as well. You can have a peek of their work and hence come to an informed decision.


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