Sizing Angle

SEALEXCEL® provides a slight taper in the base of the tube socket in the Fitting body.

  • Reduces the possibility of the tube sticking in Body during disassembly.

Pipe Threads

Manufactured to maximum tolerances.

  • Ensure to have maximum thread engagement ensuring robust and safe connection.


The Design of SEALEXCEL® Well-Lok™ Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings are similar to certain other well-known Fittings manufacturers including Swagelok®, Parker A-Lok® etc.

  • SEALEXCEL® guarantee the functional interchangeability with certain internationally well-known fittings manufacturers without disturbing the performance and reliability.

Helium Leak Detection Test

  • SEALEXCEL® Well-Lok™ Twin Ferrule Tube Fittingsoffers deep vaccum capability with good quality tubing and will be leak tight at vaccum level of 10-9 torr. This test was conducted in-house with ASM 142 Helium Leak Detector (Alcatel)
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