Tube End Sleeve

SAE 070115
PART NUMBER INFORMATION: SL - Sleeve only Protect your tubes using the SealExcel 37º Flare Tube End Sleeve

Whenever the temperatures of fluids flowing inside a tube or a pipe change, it causes expansion and contracting in the tubing material, which may lead to the possibility of tubes or pipes getting closed or there is a reduction in the tube diameter. In order to prevent this, there are cylindrical thin-walled sleeves at the end of the tubes that protect the tubes.

Seal Excel is a high-quality tube fittings manufacturer that supplies various types of tube fittings like the 37º Flare Tube End Sleeve. We can manufacture Tube End Sleeves of various dimensions that can fit tubes of different materials and dimensions. We manufacture End Tube Sleeves that meet the stringent quality norms built in accordance with international standards.

Over the years of operations, we have mastered the art of manufacturing precision-engineered Tube End Sleeves that can be used in various kinds of applications including chemical, oil and gas, paper, pulp, utility, and the petrochemical industry.
inch mm inch mm Inches Metric
1/8 - 0.34 - SL-125 -
3/16 - 0.34 - SL-187 -
1/4 6 0.41 10.4 SL-250 SL-6
5/16 8 0.44 11.2 SL-312 SL-8
3/8 10 0.50 12.7 SL-375 SL-10
1/2 12 0.56 14.2 SL-500 SL-12
5/8 16 0.66 16.8 SL-625 SL-16
3/4 18 0.68 17.3 SL-750 SL-18
7/8 20 0.76 19.3 SL-875 SL-20
1 25 0.78 19.8 SL-1000 SL-25
Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change