Sealexcel are the 37 degree flare fittings manufacturers, who work with the aim to provide all our industrial clients with the high quality precision work, which is necessary for flawless and optimal working. We offer parts as per specific needs of our customers, and each unit is designed and manufactured as per the ISO 9001:2015 specified quality standards.

All our JIC hydraulic fittings are designed to be suitable for the purpose of bending and flaring, and our customers can browse through our extensive product flare fitting catalogue, to select unit dimensions and measurements which match their needs.

What sets us apart in the industry, is that we also take customized orders for our customers, and design and manufacture the nuts and body of the flare fittings, as per specified requirements, to be used in a wide set of industry applications.

Key Features of Our Hydraulic Parts JIC Fittings

We strive to offer the best in quality products with our state of the art and updated in-house product testing facilities, which assess unit performances through a variety of sophisticated testing procedures. Some of the key commendable features of our flared tube fittings are,

The JIC 37 degree flare fittings are available in a fractional size range of 1/8 inches to 1 inch. The metric size of these units are 6mm to around 25mm.

The 37 degree flared fittings are designed with a full flow zero leak feature connection in the hydraulic system.

It is required that the stainless steel 316 and also the 304 seamless tubing element can be used for annealing. This is as per the standard ASTM-269, given for flaring and bending.

The 37 degree flared fittings are designed with 3 main components, which include precision parts like the nut, body and sleeve.

The units have been designed to be compact and simple in style, for easy assembly, and also ensure maximum performance and service reliability.

The assembly instructions of the flared tube fittings include steps to make the tube end cut squared around 1 degree, and also ensure removal of all sharp edges and burrs. Also, it is necessary to wipe away the OD and the OD of the burred tube area.

Industrial Applications and Types of Flared Tube Fitting

The 37 degree stainless steel flared fittings are available in a wide range of designs and measurements to suit the needs in a variety of industries. The industrial application of these hydraulic tube fittings include gas handling connections and in hydraulic fluid systems. The 37 degree flared tube units are available in a variety of product options like: Female connector, Male run tee, Large hex union,Union elbow, Union cross, Tube cap, Reducing adapter, Tube end sleeve, Bulkhead fitting lock nut, and others.

Benefit from our 20 years of expertise in the sector, and order units as per your needs and industrial specifications.