A Quick Guide to Pipe Fittings at SEALEXCEL

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March 7, 2016
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Pipe fittings play an important role in and industrial applications. The purpose of a pipe fitting is to connect one or more than one pipes together for a proper functioning pipeline system. There are many pipe fittings but their main function is to either connect pipes or change the flow direction.

Following are some of the basic pipe fittings offered by valve manufacturers in Mumbai:

1.      Tube Fitting

Tube Fitting

The fitting’s shape is a straight line that helps in connecting the main line to the pipe.

2.      Elbow Fitting

Elbow Fitting

Elbow fitting is used to connect two pipes in opposite direction so that the flow can be changed.

3.      Tee Fitting

Tee Fitting

Tee fitting has three openings and is the most common type of fitting used in industrial applications. The purpose of this fitting is to divide the flow in different directions, on an even level.

4.      Cross Fitting

Cross Fitting

Cross fitting has four openings. One is connected to the main line and the other three are at 90° on their sides. One opening is called the input while the other three are called outputs.

5.      Coupling


A coupling is a pipe fitting, which is used to connect one pipe to another..

6.      Union


A union which are used to connect pipes. It provides easy access and maintenance to the pipe and, can be removed anytime.

7.      Push-In Fitting

Push-In Fitting

A push in fitting It can be easily pushed on to the main line and the pipe can be easily pushed into the output.

8.      Pneumatic Fitting

Pneumatic Fitting

A pneumatic fitting is used to connect for a pressure controlled environment. The fitting is made with a stainless steel material that provides low pressure and tighter seal.

9.      Hydraulic Fitting

Hydraulic Fitting

Hydraulic fittings are mostly used in hydraulic systems It is used to maintain a strong pressure and flow.

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