Increase Safety Of Your Workers By Implementing Security Protocols And Procedures

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May 20, 2016
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Increase Safety Of Your Workers By Implementing Security Protocols And Procedures

Does this mean safety and health of workers is the very last thing manufacturers and company owners think about? Why aren’t Safetythere any security protocols and procedures in place within the workplace’s framework, even though its importance cannot be stressed more?

How to Avoid Accidents

Implementing (and further improving) workplace safety measures can possibly help reducing the alarming workforce injury rates in not only the manufacturing industry, but others as well. This can be done by:

Providing Thorough Training to Workers

Installation and training programs are the foundation of every industry, be it the industrial valve manufacturing even. It’s paramount to provide at least 3 months of proper training to team members, especially those who’ll operate heavy and advanced machinery/equipment. Why? Proper training of your workforce, the man-power who help ‘run’ your manufacturing plant or factory, will increase their morale and build essential skills.

With proper training and installation programs in place:

  • Potential risks are diminished.
  • Unnecessary costs and accidents are prevented.
  • Team’s skill set and work efficiency is improved.

Continuously Evaluate Your Plant

Advancements in technology are being made at a rapid pace. This means equipment and machinery used in the factories and Talk to Your Employeesplants is quickly becoming obsolete as newer and better machines and technologies take their place.

Operating outdated equipment and machinery can have adverse effects not only for workers operating it, but also to company’s performance.

A regular and stringent evaluation of the plant or factory is importance in this respect, be it a surprise or planned evaluation.

Talk to Your Employees

While training your employees and factory workers about safety procedures should be done without any hesitation, you can make sure the security and safety protocols are being followed by talking to them (employees). Take out some time and visit the different departments or operating groups in your organization.

Ask them what else needs to be done about individual and collective safety while on the job. Observe your employees from a distance and see their struggle in operating the machines or inability of following set safety procedures. There’s a lot employers can find just by talking to their workers!

Besides offering the world safe and high quality industrial valves and tube fittings for various industries and applications, SEALEXCEL also follows the same standard of safety within the workplace.

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