Attributes and Application of stainless steel

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Attributes and Application of stainless steel

If it was not for the fabrication of stainless steel, it would have been an immense loss for the many number of industries. In fact, when you closely start thinking about it, there are almost all the industries which in some or other way utilize this high application material, stainless steel. So, you witness this material used as it is in the making of valves, tubes, pipes and even the parts of the machine. Whether in the home or in the industry this has surpassed many other materials due to its excellent features. There are a number of attributes associated with stainless steel to be utilised worldwide.


The features of stainless steel

The following are the most important features of stainless steel:-

  1. Corrosion resistant- this is the ace feature associated with stainless steel which makes it indispensable for almost all the industries.
  2. Fire and heat resistant- The nickel and chromium alloyed material can withstand high temperature and heat with ease.
  3. Aesthetic appearance- Another very important feature of the material is that it is associated with a lot of aesthetic value, which makes it feasible for use.
  4. Ease of fabrication- The fact that stainless steel can be cut, welded, machined makes it even more likeable to be utilized in all the industries.
  5. Cost effective- In consideration with the many number of features associated, this material is the least expensive of all the options.
  6. Variety- there is a number of varieties available with this material, so there are those which for high pressure, low pressure, corrosion resistant, durable and so on.

Application of Stainless steel

It is not a surprise that stainless steel comes with a plethora of application and has some or other usage in all the industries. It is its enduring physical properties and the amazing mechanical properties which make this happen. It will be interesting to know about it:-

  1. Cutlery and Kitchenware- this is definitely the first thing, which comes in the mind when you think about stainless steel. It may the shelves of your modular kitchens or the hinges or the spoons, each of these are made of stainless steel.
  2. Oil and gas industries- This particular industry is a lot dependent on the stainless steel. High Pressure Stainless Steel Fittings find good usage in this industry. The grades of stainless steel which have greater resistance from corrosion are utilized here with ease.
  3. Power generation- this is another application area of stainless steel which enables its usage with the aid of corrosion resistant stainless steel material.
  4. Construction and Architecture- There is not a house or business house or office, which is not made of stainless steel. It may be the roofing or cladding or facades, each one of it requires this material for best result.
  5. Medical application- the medical equipments, medical implants and artificial hips utilsie this material due to its hygienic and easy clean qualities.

Stainless steel does have a lot of application, which makes it one of the best materials to be used in the industries.

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