Ball Valves And Their Applications

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October 15, 2015
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November 15, 2015

Ball Valves And Their Applications

Valves are very important components for a number of industries and without them mechanical devices of daily usage would be completely useless or work but not to their full capacity. In one blog, we discussed needle valves and their usages. Here we will discuss the other type of valve that is also used predominantly in various industrial applications, i.e. the ball valve.

What Are Ball Valves?

Ball ValvesThey are quarter turn, straight through type valves, consisting of a round closure element with matching rounded seats. SEALEXCEL is one of the major valve manufacturers in Gujarat and offer various types of ball valves as well.

This specific valve gets its name from the ball fitted in the valve and which opens and closes the valve. Essentially; the valve is used in those situations in where tight shut off is required, i.e. in the transfer of liquids, gases, and slurries (liquids with suspended solids).

As said earlier, there are a large number of industries that are dependent on good quality valves for their proper operation. Some examples of the industries that rely on SEALEXCEL to manufacture good quality and durable valves are;

The Oil and Gas Industry

A subset of the pipelines category; the high demand for oil and gas, The Oil and Gas Industrypaired with the need to dig deeper wells and construct longer pipelines has become a necessary means for which good quality valves production is the answer.

In addition to this; it has become even more important to cut down production costs without compromising on the manufacturing process or the product in question due to which the device must be tougher and able to not only last longer but also perform better to the meet the on-going demands.

The Food and Beverage Industry

The need for good quality and durable parts and products aimed at keeping the operation in plants running smoothly is being felt as a result of this large and growing industry. There are of course some safety concerns that health officials and respected departments have posed towards valve usage in the food and beverage industry that have prompted strict regulations regarding materials requirements.

The Marine Industry

The Marine IndustryBall valves play a very important role in the marine industry; now more than ever seeing as the ships on our seas are becoming larger are being used more frequently as well as do all the required tasks diligently and accurately.

The primary reason why ball valves are used in the operation of ships is that they regulate the loading and storage of power supply, provide and transport water throughout the ship and for other capabilities, handle and process wastewater in a precise manner and store liquid cargo just as easily.

So, whether you purchase SEALEXCEL Series BV107 Multi Series Ball Valves or Stainless Steel SERIES – BV103, SEALEXCEL’s valve manufacturers in Gujarat have a long-standing reputation of producing such products that offer reliable leak protection and are essential for the effective working of the above industries.