Detail Knowledge About Bulkhead Fittings And The Advantages Associated With it

Key Features of Stainless Steel NPT Fittings
October 6, 2021
Key Features of Stainless Steel NPT Fittings
October 6, 2021

Detail Knowledge About Bulkhead Fittings And The Advantages Associated With it

What is a bulkhead fitting?

A bulkhead is a fitting that allows a tank or reservoir to drain via a hole. It forms a seal to prevent leaks and lets you pipe water from the tank to wherever you need it.

Bulkhead fittings allow liquids to keep flowing in a tank while also providing drainage and other plumbing connections. In a pipe system, these fittings may also be utilized as distribution outlets. Bulkhead fittings provide a continuous flow of water and may also connect flexible pipes using male adapters.

Left-handed threads are common on these fittings, which aid in keeping the fitting intact and tight when inserting the male adaptor. Bulkhead fittings, when combined with unions, make it easier to remove pumps and accessories. Bulkhead fittings also include nuts and gaskets as optional extras. Typically, the gaskets are bought individually.

Main Parts of Bulkhead Fitting

Bulkhead fittings are often constructed of reinforced and long-lasting materials like PVC, metal, plastic, and other high-quality materials. The majority of bulkhead fittings components are made up of three pieces.

Body of Bulkhead

The body of the bulkhead, which consists of the external and internal threads, is the initial component of the bulkhead.


The gasket is the next component of the bulkhead. It may come in one or two sizes. The gasket will go over the bulkhead’s body.


Often known as a locknut, it is the third and final component. The nut is secured to the thread on the outside. 

What To Consider When Purchasing Bulkhead Fittings

The following considerations should be taken into account when purchasing bulkhead fittings: 

  • Always examine the kind of liquid that will flow through your bulkhead fittings before purchasing one. Strong bulkhead fittings, such as stainless steel bulkhead fitting, should be used if the liquid is hot. You may use the regular kind if you will be dealing with cold water.
  • Take into account the flow rate and pressure of your water as well. For example, a robust fitting is required for high speed or pressure, and vice versa.
  • These factors are taken into account to ensure that you do not wind up with a deformed or broken gasket due to pressure. The aim is to keep any leaks at bay.
  • You should establish the thread size of bulkhead fittings before buying them in bulk.
  • Before purchasing bulkhead fittings, it is also essential to examine the size of the fitting.
  • The material utilized to make the fitting is also essential to consider in terms of quality and strength.


  • Bulkhead fittings are used to provide a watertight seal in plastic pipes.
  • Stress fractures and leakage may be reduced by using a plastic bulkhead fitting.
  • They allow liquids to flow freely for tank or drum drainage or refill.
  • Bulkhead fittings may also serve as distribution outlets for a pipe system.


With that stated, we hope you now have a better understanding of what Stainless steel bulkhead fitting is and how it works.