Getting to know about high pressure needle valves

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Getting to know about high pressure needle valves

1It is normal for people to look for high quality needle valves to fulfill specific needs. Generally, needle valves are used in flow metering applications, where a standardized and steady flow is needed. It has a long, tapered tip at the end of the stem that is utilized to block the flow by passing through the seat.

The liquid that flows through the valve usually turns at 90 degrees and passes all the way through the seat for a dowel that has a cone-shaped tip. The large seat area and threaded stem allows for accurate adjustment of friction against the flow. When the plunger partially withdraws, the flow is allowed to pass; however, when the plunger is completely withdrawn, the flow is blocked.

Let’s keep reading to understand a few basic things about high pressure needle valves:

Easy To Open and Shut

To ensure the correct level of flow, needle valves are immensely easy to open/shut and pressure responsive. They sensibly adjust the flow of liquid in order to keep up with the needs of a particular system. Generally, needle valves require several turns of the valve stems; this also means that it permits a range of flows. They manage the flow into the sensitive gauges, where sudden gushes of flow can harm them. Hence, needle valves gradually slow down the flow and ultimately bring it to a stop. They also come in handy when a small flow is needed. It is imperative to understand that needle valves have no use in mere shut-off applications. Needle valves offer no more than ‘finger tight’ pressure to shut off the flow.

Range Of Materials Used

Needle valves are typically made up of a number of materials; 2mostly metal. In the category of metal, stainless steel, brass, steel alloy, and bronze are mainly utilized. The seat of the needle valve is made of elastomeric material like PVC, CPVC and various other kinds of plastics and thermoplastics in the market. Customers’ choice plays a key role in the type of material that must be used relevant to the specific application and the external conditions it will endure. From the temperature of the flow to chances of corrosion and the valve wear and tear, all these variables tell a lot about the material you should go for.

Used In Multiple Industries

3Knowing that needle valves are helpful in controlling and metering steam, air, gas and water; their application is witnessed in a wide range of industrial applications.

High quality needle valves are cleaned and packaged in the most sanitary manner to make sure the customers are investing in the right tool and remain at peace by selecting from a wide range of options.

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