Application of valves in the oil and gas industry

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June 30, 2015
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October 15, 2015

Application of valves in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry has given suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to create products that meet demanding operation needs. Especially when it comes to needle valves and ball valves, there is an ever-increasing need for stronger and better performing valves.

The demand for oil and gas has been persistently on the rise, and it Application of valves in the oil and gas industryhas grown further to develop fuel sources around the world. This demand automatically gave birth to the need for deeper drilled pipelines and lower production costs, all of which demand technicians to choose equipment and hardware more carefully. Due to the variety of operational conditions today, performance expectations are now higher than ever.

At SEALEXCEL, we are a leading tube fittings manufacturer and supplier and over the years we have provided important valves, pipe fittings, and other equipment to the industry. All our parts undergo strict quality checks to ensure superior performance in the long run.


ValvesOil and gas industry leaders have strong ties with needle valve manufacturers and suppliers. In the upstream, valves are used to control the flow of oil and has from high pressure injection systems to blow out preventers and choke valves.

In the midstream section, where storage and transportation of oil and gas is conducted from deep sea, valves are used to protect equipment while controlling product flow. As the entire systems are supposed to be kept at low temperatures to convert gas into liquids, companies demand that the valve suppliers and manufacturers specifically product parts that are durable in low temperature conditions.

The third segment, downstream brings a lot challenges for the refining process of crude oil. This segment feeds raw materials to the petrochemical industry which is why high pressure valve designs are needed here.

Pipelines and Other Equipment

With the various procedures involved in the oil and gas industry, likePipelines and Other Equipment distillation, hydro treatment, catalytic reforming, cracking and alkylation, the industry needs to stay constantly in touch with pipe fittings manufacturers and suppliers. The main idea is the transportation of product which is not really possible without especially designed pipes and valves that are able to perform under minimum maintenance and repairs.

While the oil and gas industry offers valve and pipe manufacturers opportunities for business, the needs are ever growing. Manufacturers have responded with designs and materials that meet the industry specifications. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for valve or pipe fittings to learn how we can help.