How to choose the double block and bleed valve manufacturer

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November 15, 2015
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How to choose the double block and bleed valve manufacturer

Whether you are associated with the Petroleum industry or some R & D or the petrochemical industry, there is always the need of valves with them. There are a variety of valves utilized in accordance of their application. So, there is the Bleed Valve which is basically a valve which aids in running off a liquid from a tank or a tube. In fact, it also finds application in the instruments which require it to allow the accumulation of gases in a liquid to blow off. Then, there is the Double Block and Bleed Valve which involves two block valves and a Bleed Valve utilized as a manifold, which is then installed for positive installation. These find application in the critical processes. There are a number of attributes associated with these valves which make it the best choice for various processes.


The following are the specific features associated with it:-

  1. Save space- The valves save enough space due to the way they have been fabricated. It is thus related to positive industrial application.
  2. No leakage- with these valves there is associated zero leakage property. Hence, for the critical purposes this is the ace choice. In accordance with the need these can be customized too.
  3. Cost- considering the application it pursues the valves are definitely more cost effective.
  4. Weight reduction- It is once again attributed to its construction, that there is not a problems with regards to the weight issue. These valves are associated with small weight.

Are you in need of the valves? It will be recommended to take care of the following points before procuring it from the double block and bleed valve manufacturers:-

  1. Cost on site- There is enhanced cost put up on the valves. Hence, it is better to choose the manufacturer which provides with less shipping cost and that of the testing of the component. It does not at all imply to compromise with the quality. The process should be so pursued that it is cost effective and thus no burden is put on the user.
  2. Safety regulation- With these valves there are at least 9 additional leak points. You as a user need to procure it from the manufacturer who has taken care of all the safety and health legislation in fabricating them.
  3. Delivery- The best of the manufacturers always provide with, in time delivery of the product. Hence, you as a user need to find this out from the reviews and feedbacks.
  4. Quality- It is a definite aspect that these valves require a lot of specification. Hence, not a niche should be left uncovered when fabricating these.

What are the areas where these valves can be used?

The valves are utilized in the following areas:-

  1. Pressure instrument take-off points
  2. In the sampling system where a pipeline probe is integral with the valve
  3. In the chemical injection systems
  4. For the drains of tanks and pipes which have less space
  5. High pressure fire safe diverter valves
  6. Hydraulic power unit systems

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