LNG Industry and the Growing Use of Valves

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October 28, 2016
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LNG Industry and the Growing Use of Valves


The driving wheels of development urge us to seek out resources in order to fuel progress, making energy mining a priority over the centuries. As such, natural gas— a hydrocarbon mixture of methane, ethane, and other gases—has been heavily utilized over the years as a major source of energy.

But, with plants located in remote areas, it became practically impossible to transport natural gas through extended network of pipelines.

What was the proposed solution?  

Liquefaction of Natural Gas

With the natural gas now being condensed, it was possible to store it and transport it in special cryogenic tanks to far off locations. The condensation process allowed greater energy density to be packed within a container, making the utilization of natural gas efficient at re-gasification terminals. The first LNG plant was built in 1917 in West Virginia, United States.

But the industry faces some intense challenges.

What are they?

Challenges Faced by the LNG Industry

  • With the liquefaction process requiring the operating temperatures to drop to extreme ranges of -160°C and -180°C; the mechanisms for regulating, storage, and transportation have to be tailored accordingly.
  • With a high energy density comes a rapid expansion rate if the liquefied gas turns back to vapor state. This means that LNG industry cannot afford leakages.
  • Since the gas is liquefied, any leak results in instantaneous vaporization and if these vapors come into contact with a source of ignition, it can cause heavy damage.

The Role of Control Valve and Pipe Fitting Manufacturers

With an enormous global demand and the associated challenges, LNG industry has heavily relied on control valve and fitting manufacturers to provide high quality and robust distribution and transportation systems. Gate valves, ball valves, needle valves and other industrial fittings need to:

  • Comply with high cryogenic requirements of LNG industry
  • Comply with highly secured and leak proof requirements of LNG industry

The LNG industry has recently emerged to be one of strongest supports of valve manufacturing industry, attributed to the challenges they are facing. As such, the R&D departments of these manufacturers are innovating solutions to facilitate the concerns with regards to liquefied natural gas production and transportation.

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