Red Flag: Matters of the Valves

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October 6, 2016
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October 31, 2016


Finding a professional plumber is extremely difficult. However, say you do find a professional. He goes down to the basement, where the leakage is, he tinkers with the pipes for an hour, and then leaves. The next day, your pipe is still leaking.

Ever wondered what he did wrong?

Well actually, he didn’t do anything wrong. It was the tools, to be more specific, the fittings he used that were of low quality.

Below are three red flags of bad plumbing that are related to the valves and the fittings:

Control Valve Isolation

The most common red flag is when the control valve is not isolated. Sure, it takes space but how will the maintenance get done if there is no control valve. If you are worried about the space, then install a butterfly valve. That hardly takes any space!

Pipes Having No Couplings

Though you cannot attach everything together permanently with bolts, there must be a few couplings in the valve chamber for easy access. At one point or another, you might have to remove the pipe but you cannot do that because it has no couplings! If there is damage in the pipe, the coupling will make it easy for you to get the damaged part replaced.

Horizontal Line Having Concentric Reducers

Eccentric reducers are used on horizontal lines and concentric reducers are used on vertical lines. The purpose of the reducer is to prevent air pockets and maintain steady pressure. Since concentric reducers are cheap, therefore, a plumber usually installs that instead of the eccentric one.

Bolts Are Too Long

To save time, some plumbers install a long bolt instead of a perfect fit. Before you think that long bolts provide safety for the threads that are tightened, let me say, you are wrong. All they do is rust and give you a sore shin when you pass by.

Lack of Spare Tapping

A spare tapping on the chamber line can really make the job easy for you. What if, for some reason, you could not get to the main tap to close it? A little thinking at the installation stage and adding an extra bolt can help you with this.

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