Pipe Coupling Types And Applications

What Are Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings?
December 2, 2022

Pipe Coupling Types And Applications

pipe coupling

A pipe coupling is a concise piece of pipe or tube at one or both ends of a plug or female pipe thread that connects two pipes or tubes with the same or different diameters. Couplings are pipe fittings used to make a pipeline longer or shorter. The thickness of the tube can also be changed with the help of these fittings. It can also be used to fix pipes that are broken or leaky.

In many pipe systems, you must join or cut multiple pieces of pipe to change the course or get around an obstacle. It has a way to connect pipe parts that are not too hard and keeps the process pipes from breaking.

Most pipe connections are made of the same or similar materials as the pipes they connect.  Depending on the pressure on the pipe, they can be solid or liquid, and they can be permanent or temporary. The inside diameter of a connecting pipe can be made bigger or smaller to connect pipes with different diameters. It can also be shaped like a T or a cross to connect more than two pipes or bent to make bends. Pipe couplings can also have extra features or tools built in, like holes, flow meters, or inspection valves.

Classifications of Pipe Couplings

Two main types of couplings fall under the category of pipe fittings.

– Removable Coupling – Permanent Coupling

Permanent Coupling

Permanent pipe couplings are often made with solder, braze, or glue for steel or copper tubing. When installed correctly, these permanent connectors offer excellent stability and sealing in places where no future plumbing upgrades are planned.

Removable pipe couplings

Most pipe couplings that can be taken off and put back on are threaded so they can be tightened onto the pipes. The smallest of these is a base pipe segment much more comprehensive than the pipes that will be joined and cut by an inner thread. The ends of pipes are always threaded, and the hemp or sealing tape that connects them is easy to fix and seal.

Pipe Coupling Applications

Pipe fittings can be used for anything, just like valves can be used for anything. As the number of ways to use piping grows, its strength, versatility, very high flow rates, and high chemical resistance make it a great way to move liquids, steam, solids, and air from one stage to the next or to change them. With a pipe coupling, it is easy to join two pipes together. Even though pipe couplings have tight, strong seals, they also have flexible joints that don’t need special tools.

Pipe connections are used anywhere there are pipe networks. They are used on ships and offshore to put out fires, heat, bring in or take out air, and store seawater and freshwater. Back on land, pipe couplings are used in power plants for cooling return tanks, lubricating tanks, compressed air tubes, and firefighting tubes. So that’s not the end of it. Pipe couplings are often used in equipment for plant maintenance, power plants, places where water and gas are delivered, manufacturing, structural engineering, architecture, and other fields.