Product Spotlight: 37 Degree Flared Tube Fittings

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March 20, 2020
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Product Spotlight: 37 Degree Flared Tube Fittings

As tube fittings manufacturers, we work to offer a number of configurations, well-suited for various industrial applications. Ourtube fittings manufacturers one of the most in-demand products includes 37 degree flared fittings.

Flared fittings are different and more popular than others. They are a type of compression fittings (used to join two tubes or pipes together), often used with metal tubing. They work well with soft steel, copper and aluminum.

When used in a system, the flare nut secures the tube’s tapered end to the tapered fitting. This produces a leak-tight, pressure-resistant seal. These connections are more reliable, thus used in critical applications and locations that aren’t easily accessible.

SealExcel’s 37 degree flared fitting

We offer a compact design that allows easy assembly. The simplicity of design also ensures high reliability and maximum performance.

You can opt for one or more units from a broad selection of types and sizes. These fittings are more suitable for use with low and medium wall tubing that has good vibration resistance.

Our flared fittings design is manufactured with precision and precision. These fittings can be used in almost every application where fluid power is required.

Design and construction

Our engineers have carefully constructed a three component design for higher precision. This includes body, sleeve and the nut.

All of these components are manufactured in line with the regulations approved by ISO 9001: 2000. Our rigid quality control ensures a design with high tolerance. Additionally, the design meets SAE J514 standard.

These fittings have a flared tube end at a 37° angle, placed between the body and the sleeve with a nut. It ensures a leak-proof joint effective for full flow connections in system tubing.

Standard construction is done with SS316 material that meets two different specifications: ASTM A-479 (bar stock) and ASTM A-182 (forging). We can also provide flared fittings made with other materials, upon request.

Additional design details

Offering zero-leak joints for hydraulic systems, our flared fittings can operate at up to 5000 PSI.Additional design details

Sizes vary from 1/8 to 1 inch (6mm to 25 mm). Flared fittings are fully annealed following the ASTM-269 standards for bending and flaring. Length is straight with smooth ends, that is, free from scales, burrs, scratches and any form of defect.

Want to order our expertly designed fittings? Here’s further detail for ordering flared fittings. As reputed 37 degree flare fittings manufacturers, we offer a range of sizes and other specifications to choose from.