Push-On Fittings: A Reliable Solution For The Pneumatic Industry

The Selection Criteria for Push-On Fittings to be Used in Pneumatic Environments
April 2, 2018

Push-On Fittings: A Reliable Solution For The Pneumatic Industry

Push-on fittings, also called rapid screw fittings, are widely used in pneumatic industries. These are best suited to work with soft Industrytubings in various pneumatic systems.

The grip of these fittings is strong and steady. Their swivel part prevents twining of the pipe, making them steadier than other fittings.

Common applications of push-on fittings

These fittings are designed to be part of a number of industrial applications and processes:

  • Pneumatic control environments and systems
  • Air supply flow as part of sophisticated pneumatic machines
  • Precision components in various automatic devices

Features of push-on fittings

Some of the general features of push-on fittings that make them popular in pneumatic industries include:

  • These fittings can be quickly installed in almost any setting, without requiring special tools or even clamps
  • They can be assembled in seconds, as the lack of tools or special instruments make the process easier
  • These fittings can be reused by replacing the hose. Again, it can be achieved without using any special tool
  • Maintenance is easier as well as faster
  • Because of their steady grasp, the fittings can be used high pressure and temperature environment
  • Special shapes, such as straight, elbow or tee shaped fittings are available for use in different applications

What makes our industrial fittings more reliable?

Pneumatic industries require precision products that are compatible with the rest of the system. At SealExcel, we have a refined stainless steelapproach and use the latest technology to offer the most compatible and precise designs.

A few unique features are highlighted below:

  • To ensure precision, we design stainless steel push-on fittingswith two key components: the nut and the body
  • Our designing and manufacturing processes include quality control, helping us deliver consistent designs and reliable fittings
  • These push-on fittings have a pressure rating of 290 PSI at CWP (cold working pressure)
  • Temperature rating measured for precision units has been up to 160°C
  • We design, manufacture and test push-on fittings to ensure leak tight sealing systems
  • Push-on fittings are available in top quality SS316L material
  • Our quality tested units can withstand the purge, ensuring full flow without any sign of drop in pressure

You can find a number of shapes and designs with our company. As reputed pneumatic fittings suppliers, we also design customized fittings, according to individual client specifications.

Want to order standard or customized push-on fittings? Here’s where you can find more information.