The Selection Criteria for Push-On Fittings to be Used in Pneumatic Environments

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February 22, 2018
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March 20, 2020

The Selection Criteria for Push-On Fittings to be Used in Pneumatic Environments

In the pneumatic environments, it can be difficult to choose the right kind of pneumatic fittings. There are a lot of things to be considered for making the right selection. You need to know about the operational air pressure, the type of tubing being used, the type of thread on the receiving end and many other factors. The push-on fittings or rapid screw fittings are a viable choice for these industries. They are made for compatibility with the pneumatic applications. These fittings can be used to manage the airflow to a pneumatic system and they can also help in making secure connections during the operation. They do not require any special tools or expertise for installation and usage. However, you should select the best quality fittings to maintain precision in your pneumatic environments. Here’s how:


Consider the Features:

It is important to prefer the high-quality fittings having convenient features and specifications to meet the requirements of your pneumatic applications. For making this selection, pressure and temperature ratings are the primary criteria. You should assess the materials used in the fittings for sustainable performance. Always look for the pressure ratings up to 290 psi and temperature ranging up to 160 degrees Celsius for reliable performance of the fittings. Also, you should prefer robust materials that can resist high temperature and pressure ratings. Stainless steel grade-316 is a viable choice in this regard. This material can ensure high efficiency without any significant pressure drops in the system.

Consider the Design:

There are two main components of design in the push-on fittings. They have a main body and nuts that are designed with precision to maintain accuracy and consistency in the industrial processes. The design of this fitting should be selected for compatibility with aggressive environments of various industries. There is a wide variety of configurations to suit the specific requirements of each application.

Consider the Sizing:

Any fitting to be used with a pneumatic system should have an appropriate sizing in terms of fractional and metric dimension. The standard rapid screw fittings are available with the sizes given in terms of the OD or outer diameter. You can find them in different configuration and sizes. You should prefer the fittings with recommended tolerances for optimum efficiency. It can be difficult to differentiate between fractional and metric sizes due to the similarity of their designs. Therefore, the experienced and reliable companies manufacture them with a V-grove sign to facilitate identification.

If you need customisable fittings for your pneumatic systems, check with the manufacturer if they can tailor the design as per your applications. It helps in maintaining precision and accuracy in your systems. Also, look for the warranties and technical support offered by the manufacturer. The company should have competitive pricing and a faster delivery time.