Flow Control Valve
Flow Control Valve: Precision Fluid Management
June 10, 2024
Flow Control Valve
Flow Control Valve: Precision Fluid Management
June 10, 2024

Revealing the Importance of Flow Control Regulators

As the name suggests, flow control regulators are required in most pipe systems to control the flow rate of the materials being transported. No matter what is being transported through the pipes – gas, liquids, solids, etc – controlling the flow rate is essential.

Sometimes it is necessary to control the flow rate because it is required in the production process, other times it may be necessary to ensure the safety of the process. At our facilities, we manufacture the highest quality flow control regulators and valves. Our extensive testing processes ensure that the products we deliver to our clients are of the highest international standard. The following points will show the importance of flow control regulators:

1.     Controlling the Flow

The first and most obvious reason for installing flow control regulators in your pipe systems is to control the flow rate. These sophisticated devices are highly accurate and can help you lower or increase the flow rate of the substance.

2.     Bypass Flow

At times, a manufacturing process requires the excess fluid to return to the originating tank. This is only possible with the help of a regulator. A regulator allows the designated fluid to pass through and direct the rest of the fluid back towards the reservoir, therefore greatly reducing the amount of material being wasted.

3.     Secondary Function

When you need to transfer materials, in excess of the designated flow rate, to another location or function, then flow control regulators are required. They work in such a way that the primary flow rate is never affected by the transfer of materials to the secondary function. Another advantage of these flow control regulators is that if you turn the primary flow rate off, then the secondary flow is automatically stopped.

4.     Pressure Compensation

One of the biggest problems in the manufacturing processes is the load pressure that can build up at times in the pipe systems. Flow control regulators can compensate for the pressure and keep the flow rate to the designated value. So the process continues without a hitch.

5.     Temperature Compensation

Temperature can affect the materials inside the pipe system, which can cause a change in the flow rate of the materials. Flow control regulators can compensate for that, you can make adjustments to make sure that the flow rate remains constant.

These five points are enough to show how important a role flow control regulators have in the manufacturing process of your factory. Get in touch with us today (0091-22-26788534) and find out the type of flow control valves that we have available.