Construction of Fine-Lok™ Tube Fittings

Fine-Lok™ Tube Fittings consist of three precision component such as Nut, Single Ferrule and Body.

Fractional Fine-Lok™ Tube Fittings

Construction of tube fittings is a must know factor for the manufacturers. It includes construction of different tube fittings under quality control processes that are approved to ISO 9001 2000 standards. The efficient construction of tube fittings results in zero leakage and torque free seal along with process tubing. However a number of factors are considered for the construction of tube fittings.

Metric Fine-Lok™ Tube Fittings

Construction of Well-Lok™ Tube Fittings

Well-Lok™ consist of four precision component such as Nut, Back Ferrule, Front Ferrule and Body.

Fractional Well-Lok™ Tube Fittings

Metric Well-Lok™ Tube Fittings

Gaugeability :

SEALEXCEL Fine-LokTM / Well-Lok TM   Tube Fittings are manufactured to very stringent tolerances to meet the Gaugeability to check the gap between Nut and Body Hex, this allows easy inspection for sufficient tightening of the Nut before a system is pressurized, which ensures maximum safety and reliability.