Types of valves and its application

The basic need of a valve manufacturing company
March 20, 2016
How to choose the Tube fittings for an industrial application?
April 5, 2016
The basic need of a valve manufacturing company
March 20, 2016
How to choose the Tube fittings for an industrial application?
April 5, 2016

Types of valves and its application

Valves are associated with an immense industrial application. Pipelines are a part of various industries. These valves aids in transporting the liquids, fluids and gases. However, for them to commute well, there requires a regulating unit. This regulating unit ensures the amount of liquid which flows. It at the same time is a decisive factor for the start and stop of the same. Hence, in a nutshell, it is this important body part of the assembly which determines the proper working of the flow. This function is duly taken care by the valves. Valves act as the regulating body.

It aids in:-

  • Controlling the flow rate
  • Acting as a switch
  • Providing efficiency in working.

Basically the valves are mechanical devices. They function by obstructing the passage of liquids and gases, either completely or partially in order to control the flow rate.

The valves have major industrial application. They are used in almost all the industries. It will be interesting to have a look at the same:-

  • Oil industry
  • Mining industry
  • Gas industry
  • Water and sewage industry

The valves can be used in the industries, in accordance with a variety of parameters. However, in each of these industries the decisive factor involves, pressure, design, and functionality. Plastic and metal is the major constituent of valves. In order to control them there is utilised the handles, levers, wheels and pedals. Many industries use the automatic controlling valves as well.

There are a variety of valves available in the market. In accordance with the function you want to ensure they pursue, you can utilize them. Here is a provided a list of most important valves:-

  1. Ball Valves– these valves utilize the quarter turn to pursue their function. A hollow, bored and spindle type of ball is utilised in here. It is this important part which regulates the flow of the liquid. The hole of the ball comes in a line with the pipe opening and initiates the flow. For this to accomplish the lever or the handle needs to be turned to a 90 degree angle. In order to cease the flow, the lever is turned back in the opposite direction to 90 degrees. It is in the latter case that the hole turns around and the ball blocks the opening of the pipe.
  2. Purge Valves– These valves aid in releasing the air out of the fuel line. It finds immense application in the cars.
  3. Bleed Valves– If you are to utilize a valve for the purpose of draining of liquid or gas, slowly, then these valves are perfect for your industrial application.
  4. Toggle Valves– If you need the valves to work fast, then these valves are optimum for your application. These works in a moderate temperature and pressure. In order to pursue quick acting of the flow or control of flow, these valves are used.

Hence, it is in accordance with your use or functionality, it will be advisable to use either of the above.

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