What Type Of Tube Fitting Should You Install On Dairy And Milking Machines?

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April 26, 2016
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What Type Of Tube Fitting Should You Install On Dairy And Milking Machines?

Use of Automatic and Mechanical Machinery in the Dairy and Milking Industry

Mechanical aids (to reduce manual labor and effort) were largely used as late as the 1950s; but now, with technological advancements making way and changing the way industries work, the machinery used has also changed for the better.

The most popular type of ‘milking machines’ used today are;

  • Herringbone-type
  • Tandem-type
  • Rapid Exit-type
  • Rotary-type

The size of a dairy farmer’s operation, i.e. size of herd is the main factor when it comes to choosing the appropriate milking parlor. As one of the leading tube fittings and instrumentation valves manufacturer in India, SEALEXCEL also caters to the dairy industry when it comes to providing Stainless steel push-in fittings specific to applications. But what type of tube fitting should be installed in milking machines? To make this easier for manufacturers of these machines, SEALEXCEL offers Push in fittings that work best for every application within the food & beverage industry.

The Tube Fitting Needed Depends on the Machine’s Application

Like in rest of the food & beverage industry, the dairy sector requires pneumatic fittings and pneumatic couplings for its sterilization, pasteurization, cleaning, bottling and packaging processes. Another process which requires high quality tube fittings that also follow current industry standards is the milk transport system of milking machines.

The Milk Transport System

After the milk is derived from the cows by the milking vacuum, it is transported to a more hygienic environment. This is the milk room, i.e. a room filled with stainless steel piping, collecting glasses and a milk pump. In this room lies also the cooling and pasteurization machines.

It should be kept in mind that milk from the cows doesn’t have a continuous flow. Therefore, it’s collected and transported batch-wise.

Be it push-in fittings, precision pipe fittings or toggle valves, SEALEXCEL offers tube fitting products that fit all needs of the food & beverage industry, keeping safety, consistency and reliability in mind. Contact us today!