Stainless Steel Push-in-Fittings

Installation Instructions


For Tube : Semi- rigid Nylon Tube

Flexible polyurethane tube

Low Density polyethylene tube

Fluoropolymer FEP140 tube

Ensure that the end of tube is cut square (900) and free from burs and sharp edges

FOR TUBE : Stainless steel and copper tube

Ensure that the end of the tube is cut square (900) and chamfer the outer corner of tube, remove the burs and sharp edges to prevent the damages of ‘O’ Ring. Provide groove for tube gripping and locking.


Insert the tube by hand into the fitting assembly resting it firmly against internal shoulder of the fittings. the Gripping collet hold the tube firmly in place, without deforming the tube or restriction flow.


To release the Tube : press the Releasing Sleeve and pull out the tube from fitting.