PIF-Reducing Union
PIF-Reducing Union
PIF-Bulkhead Union
PIF-Bulkhead Union
PIF-Union Elbow
PIF-Union Tee
PIF-Union Cross
PIF-Taper Male Connector
PIF-Taper Male Connector

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When you need stainless steel push in fittings for food, water, air, Chemical, Printing and industrial liquid transfer applications etc., you know that you need products which are of superior quality and are reliable in the market. That is when you can choose our products for the industry work.

We, at Sealexcel, have been serving the industry for decades and know the importance of each and every type of stainless steel push to connect fitting. That is why we serve as push in fittings manufacturers and pneumatic fittings manufacturers that offer state of the art products, which are designed as per the latest industry standards, using only updated technological procedures, so that you get a flawless working products every time.

Sealexcel Stainless Steel Push in Fittings are suitable for food environment, dairy and milking machines

The Sealexcel stainless steel push in fittings, push to connect airline fittings and pneumatic fittings, have been designed and manufactured to be fully resistant to all types of corrosive materials and environmental factors. This way, the product quality is not affected and the push-in fittings plays its part in the smooth operations in various industrial sectors.

All of our stainless steel push in fittings are designed with 6 critical precision components which include, the body, washer, releasing sleeve, guide ring, gripping collet, and the O ring. All of our product parts manufactured to very stringent tolerances under rigid quality control procedures approved to ISO 9001:2015

Sealexcel Push in fittings & SS Push-in Fittings are also appropriate for Potable water dispensing systems, ice cream dispensing equipment and coffee machines.

The operating parameter of our SS push-in fittings, Push Connect Fittings and Push to Connect tube Fittings are noted to having a pressure rating of up to 290 PSI, and a temperature rating of around 150° C.

When you choose from our collection of stainless steel push in fittings and Pneumatic Couplings you get Push in fittings which allow easy manual assembly and disassembly and No need of tools for ensuring fitting connection or removal.

All components and fittings are subject to industry standard electro polishing technique, which ensures a chromium oxide surface layer that is passive and highly resistant to corrosion.

When you choose Sealexcel products, you can be sure of flawless quality design and execution. We take pride in our work, and only offer the very best in quality in complete accordance with all industry standard practices.

Choose Sealexcel for precision working and durable variety of Pneumatic Push Fittings.